Detox Instructions


All Detox Protocols must be taken for 90 days to ensure eradication of all parasites that incubate in the liver for 45-60 days.

How to take tinctures with Zeolite Powder:

You may mix together in small glass of distilled water or add to your morning coffee/tea OR  MY LEMON/GINGER/CUCUMBER water recipe below, drinking 8 oz of water after each dose. (distilled or reverse osmosis water has NO metals. Most all bottled water contains metals). Mix only with a plastic or wooden spoon.

Detoxing protocols need to be taken until All are GONE. The tinctures (depending on dosage you use) may only last for 2-3 weeks, continue on with the Zeolite UNTIL GONE for the remainder of your first months 90 day protocol.

Never miss a dose of Zeolite as that is the carrier that binds ALL toxins, metals and parasitical overload out of the body and pulls them gently through your bowels.

START SLOW with only 15 drops, 2x  daily of each tincture for 5 days and work your way up to full dosage as recommended on bottles, WHILE taking Full dosage of Zeolite (1 tsp, 3x daily). THIS IS AN APPROX DOSAGE and does not need to be exact. Decrease dosage if you start feeling too many detox symptoms as everyones body is different. Some may need to start with fewer drops. Take the amount of dosage your body is good with. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!


Morning Dose: Approx 15 drops of each tincture PLUS 1 tspn Zeolite in same glass, mix together and drink, followed by 8 oz of water OR in your lemon/ginger/cucumber water.

Afternoon Dose: 1 Tspn Zeolite mixed in any liquid, followed by 8 oz water

Late Afternoon/Early Evening Dose: 15 drops of each tincture PLUS 1 tspn Zeolite in same glass, mix together and drink, followed by 8 oz of water OR in your lemon/ginger/cucumber water.

AFTER 5 DAYS: Increase tincture doses to approx 1 dropperfull (30 drops) EACH after first 5 days as your body can handle. GO SLOW as the dosage is only a suggestion according to what your body can handle.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you start to experience detox symptoms, you may be detoxing too fast. This means you have an extremely high overload of toxins in your body. At that point, take one more dose of Zeolite to compensate for all the die off occurring within your body.


Some may experience several detoxing symptoms while the parasitical/viral and metallic die off and removal is occurring during the detoxing process.

Common detoxing symptoms are: Virtigo, dizziness, weakness or pain in joints/muscles, slight upset stomach, overall ‘icky’ feeling, heart beat fluctuations, bloating, disorientation, diarrhea (rare) for 1-3 days, overall body weakness.

THESE SYMPTOMS ARE NORMAL and are no cause for alarm. It means the detox is WORKING and parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus and metals are being removed.

If you experience constipation, you must open your detox pathways FIRST by only taking the Zeolite 3x daily as directed and 2-3 tblspns of aloe Vera juice, 1 avocado daily, cayenne pepper supplements along with my lymphatic Support formula until your digestive track clears.

At onset of any of detox symptoms, TAKE ONE MORE DOSE OF ZEOLITE and you will feel better in 10-20 mns. This is your body telling you that the die off is occurring faster than the amount of Zeolite in your bloodstream can keep up with binding and removing it. TAKE LESS DOSAGE of the tinctures at this point and work your way back up. Listen to your body during this process, it will tell you!

Daily Supplements and meds:

You may continue to take your daily vitamins, supplements and meds during this process as they will not interfere with detoxing. Please consult your physician before stopping any meds.


NO Red meat, dairy, sugar or processed foods, seafood. Find alternative recipes online. All of the above feed the parasites. STARVE THEM!

Some healthy food alternatives are:

Chicken, sauteed or raw vegetables, salads, squash, yams, oatmeal, lentils, beans, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, avocadoes, brown rice, almond or coconut milk. Bean soups, pea soups, chicken soups (without flour noodles). Opt for ground turkey and chicken and noodles made with chickpeas, quinoa, brown rice etc....

Fruits, NO FRUITS! All Fruits contain SUGAR!

Alternative protein supplement with Hydrologized, unflavored powdered bone broth or vegetable protein. (I chose the ZAMMEX brand on Amazon) that can be added to your morning coffee, tea or soups or lemon/ginger/cucumber water.

FASTING: Fasting for 3-7 days either before or during your detox will greatly increase your results. Use my Lemon-Ginger-Cucumber Water Recipe below or any protein drink that does not have sugar or processed ingredients in them. The goal is to provide your body with nutrients that healthy eating would accomplish. Add green powders, rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids high in protein and flavor them with only stevia or monk fruit. I use unflavored almond or coconut milk to accomplish this as well as my recipe below. You can add as much natural protein as you want! Your body doesn't necessarily need food, it needs NUTRIENTS! Stay ahead of the hunger stage and drink protein rich drinks often during your fast!

Lemon-Ginger-Cucumber Water Recipe:

In LARGE pitcher of water, add 10-12 slices of REAL ginger root, 10-12 slices of cucumber, concentrated lemon juice to taste (approx 1 cup), and stevia or monk fruit to taste. Let sit overnight to infuse for the following days consumption.
THIS is what I add my powdered bone broth to all day long as well as adding my Zeolite and tincture to!

How long to detox?

Although many will feel better in just a few days and this protocol will start to  ‘clear’ them…THIS DETOX MUST BE DONE FOR THREE rounds (90 days) taken consecutively. Many need to continue detoxing past the 90 day period whom discover they are not yet cleared. If you have had a disease or illness for decades, this process requires a longer period of time to allow your body to detox it all. This is most common with those over 40 years of age.

The more decades old you are and the longer you have had a disease or illness, the more time your body needs to remove the parasitical, viral, or metallic overload and inflammation in your body.

Parasite eggs have a 45-75 day incubation period inside the liver, so be sure to order your 2nd round on the 3rd week of your detox, 3rd round on the 3rd week of your 2nd round.

Be kind to yourself and do not expect overnight miracles that took YEARS or DECADES to acquire. DON’T LET UP!  You are breaking old habits of unhealthy eating and FREEING yourself of disease and illness!

Please see our FAQ if you have further questions:  or reach out to me if you need further instruction or help!  God Bless you this day!

I will see you on the other side of HEALING!