Zeolite-Micronized Clinoptilotite-Heavy Metal Detox

Micronized Zeolite Powder: (97% clinoptilolite) is the highest quality available in North America today. 

The ultimate heavy metal detox as well as the perfect Zeolite for use in cleansing/detoxification protocols, colon cleansing programs, blood cleansing programs, and kidney cleansing programs.Its ability to permeate through the blood brain barrier as well as throughout the body, make this Zeolite the highest quality in the world.


Particle Size: All particles are below 40 microns (since micronization is used, all particles are at least below 400 mesh), and the average particle size is 10 microns, ranging from 1-40. That makes this zeolite powder the most versatile available in North America.