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ZEOLITE-Pure Micronized Clinoptilotite-Heavy Metal Detox-Total Blood Cleanse

ZEOLITE-Pure Micronized Clinoptilotite-Heavy Metal Detox-Total Blood Cleanse

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Zeolite-Micronized Clinoptilotite-Heavy Metal Detox

Micronized Zeolite Powder: (97% clinoptilolite) is the highest quality available in North America today. 

The ultimate heavy metal detox as well as the perfect Zeolite for use in cleansing/detoxification protocols, colon cleansing programs, blood cleansing programs, and kidney cleansing programs. Zeolite is tasteless and is not absorbed by the body. Zeolite helps aide in pulling all toxins, metals, bacterial substances out of the blood and on a cellular level and binds the remainder in the gut and intestines for thorough detox. It's ability to cross the blood brain barrier purifies the entire body from top to bottom. Zeolite has shown to proven to be the very best substance to remove these foreign objects within the body.

RECENT RESEARCH PROVES  Graphene Oxide side effects:


Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivo



Cats: In powder form, for kittens start with 1/8 to ¼ tsp mixed with about a ¼ cup of clean filtered water. This can be directly syringed into your kitten's mouth.
For adult cats and depending on weight, start with ¼ up to ½ tsp mixed with about a ¼ cup of clean filtered water.
The dosages can be given up to three times a day. Syringe a small amount into your cat's mouth or alternatively sprinkle the powder directly onto wet food. Do not feed with dried food. Or, rub the powder into your pet's gums.
For maintenance reduce down to ¼ tsp daily.
For a solution please check the instructions but generally 5 to ten drops can be given twice or thrice daily for the first four to six weeks and then if the detox is going well and you see an improvement, either continue for a further number of weeks or reduce to twice daily.
For maintenance reduce down to one to three drops, once or twice daily depending on the toxicity of your pet's environment.
Dogs: In powder form, for small dogs and puppies start with ¼ to ½ tsp mixed with about a ¼ cup of clean filtered water.
For medium-sized dogs, start with ½ tsp up to 3/4 tsp.
For large and extra-large breeds, start with ½ tsp up to 1 tsp.
The dosages can be given up to three times a day. Syringe a small amount into your dog's mouth or sprinkle the powder directly onto food. Do not feed with dried food. Or, rub the powder into your pet's gums.


The Best Detox Is 100% Natural Zeolite Pure In Micronized Powdered Form

 The best detox product on the  market is the 100% natural clinoptilolite mineral called Zeolite Pure  for safely removing the mercury and has been shown to bind to graphene oxide. Zeolite Pure is  well known for detoxing people for over 20 years to help aide in safely remove toxic  heavy metals out of the body that include exposures to mercury and from exposures to other heavy metals from  pesticides, fungicides and herbicides (Glyphosate Arsenic In Roundup).

Other toxic heavy metal exposures occur  from contaminated water and from atmospheric exposures to nuclear power  plant emissions, coal fired power plant emissions, chemtrails and  farmland Arial crop spraying.

An interesting fact is that heavy metals are accumulative in our  bodies throughout our entire lives and our liver and kidneys cannot  remove them! When heavy metals become concentrated enough in the body it  can have a negative affect on the immune system to allow bad cells,  bacteria and viruses to survive at a much higher rate!  

The best way to remove heavy metal toxins  is to have them bind into a proper detox product to then carry these  toxins all the way through and out of the body. After the heavy metal  toxins are removed the immune system can then grow stronger to serve its  original purpose of destroying bad cells, bacteria and foreign objects in the  body for a healthier quality of life!

How Micronized Zeolite Pure May help in Removing Toxic Heavy Metals And Possible Graphene Oxide From The Body

Zeolite Pure in micronized powdered  form is the best detox to remove heavy metals. This is because the zeolite has a perfect  cage like honeycomb structure with a natural negative charge that  actually attracts the heavy metals. and toxins that have a  positive charge to bind them into the cages of the Zeolite Pure like a  magnet. The heavy metals and toxins are then trapped into the  cages of the zeolite.

They are then carried all the way out of  the body with the zeolite without releasing any of these toxins to be  reabsorbed back in to the body as other detox products do. The act of  binding these positive charged toxins into a negative charged natural  mineral structure is called chelation.

 Zeolite Pure is micronized from Zero to 40  microns of size so it can detox the body through the blood that flows  into the body’s organs and into the gut where the immune systems is  located! Many thousands of people have successfully used Zeolite Pure to  do this detox to remove heavy metal toxins and other sources of heavy metal  contamination from the body! 

NOTE: Beware  of scam liquid zeolite products being sold by mostly MLM marketing  organizations! These so called liquid zeolite products mostly consist of  a very small amount of zeolite powder that is highly diluted in small  eye dropper squeeze and spray bottles of water! Liquid zeolite products  are almost worthless compared to the 100 percent clinoptilolite zeolite  micronized powder in Zeolite Pure!

Particle Size: All particles are below 40 microns (since micronization is used, all particles are at least below 400 mesh), and the average particle size is 10 microns.That makes this zeolite powder the most versatile available in North America.

Known Benefits of Use: 

*Removes heavy metals out of body, tissues and blood at a cellular level

*Strengthens immune system while increasing immune system response

*Increases T-cell activity (antigens)

*Supports healthy gut and colon

*Supports kidney function and renal failure

*Alkalizes body PH

*Cleans and supports liver function

*Decreases brain fog

*Relieves Diarrhea

*Treats nervous system problems

*Treats psoriasis and all skin issues

*Treats fibromyalgia

*Supports bone regeneration

*Treats arthritis, bursitis and gout by removing uric acid from the blood and bones

*Treats many herpes viruses

*Zeolite has been known to bind to Graphine Oxide along with other foreign metal objects

*Removes Candida

*Normalizes blood pressure

*Reverses diabetes

*Accelerates weight loss

*Treats EBV, Mold, Lymes and other auto-immune diseases

Serving Size: 1 Tspn

Serving per Container; 90 (30 day supply)

Product Size: 5.644 oz/160 grams, 6-8 oz Foil pouch

CEC Rating: 170 - 190 meq / 100 grams (the highest quality you can get!)

Directions For Use: Take 1 Teaspoon, 3x daily, mixing in any liquid drink or food for 30 days with 1 gallon of water daily. Decrease or increase dose as needed. Most only need a 30 day supply, if highly toxic, a 2-3 month regimen is suggested. It is highly recommended to use with our V-TOX for metals detox or injury that may navigate through the blood brain barrier:  All Products ( 

Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and 

diseases. Seek the advisement of a qualified physician if you are concerned about any interactions with other medications or health issues with

 the use of this product. We are not responsible for individual use of this product.


Not All Zeolite is the SAME!:  

Zeolite Liquid vs. Zeolite Powder

The controversy of liquid zeolite versus  powder zeolite has been going on for over a decade now. It has left many  consumers bewildered and unable to make a decision on finding the best  zeolite supplement. This confusion is easy clarified when one begins to  understand the true nature of “liquid” zeolite supplements.

Liquid Zeolite

Liquid zeolite supplements are merely just a  very small amount of zeolite powder in water (or any other type of  liquid) because zeolite cannot be liquefied. Years ago, a process was  developed to liquefy zeolite by a pharmaceutical company looking to  create an intravenous cancer treatment. Unfortunately, the chemists  discovered that when zeolite was liquefied, it was no longer zeolite  since the essential porous structure of the mineral was destroyed.  Without this cage-like structure, zeolite CANNOT detox. Besides the fact  that zeolite doesn’t detox after being liquefied, liquid zeolite  supplement companies do not actually liquefy their zeolite because it  requires an expensive patent licensing from the pharmaceutical company  to use their liquefaction process. Further, it is a highly complex  process to carry out using very specific lab equipment. It is for these  reasons that zeolite supplement companies are not actually liquefying  the zeolite, but simply mixing minuscule amounts of zeolite powder into a  liquid. The amount of zeolite in these products is typically so low,  that it is virtually ineffective for detoxing.

Liquid Zeolite’s False Claims

“Liquid” zeolite supplement companies have  made a name for themselves within the marketplace with ridiculous claims  about what their products can do compared to powdered or encapsulated  zeolite. Some of the most common ones include entering the bloodstream  faster, passing the blood-brain barrier, being “activated” so it detoxes  more efficiently, needing to take a certain amount of drops or sprays a  day to build up a detox, or "nano" sized zeolite, which wouldn't even  be large enough to absorb a heavy metal molecule. All these claims are  just marketing propaganda to entice customers and make their products  stand out.

What is Important in a Zeolite Supplement?

Purity is probably the most important aspect  of a good zeolite supplement. The purer the zeolite, or the emptier the  cages, the more it will detox. Often, many zeolite supplements use  commercial grade zeolite with cages that are nearly full, which means  ineffective detoxing. ZEO Health is the original zeolite supplement  company in the USA and spent almost 4 years looking for the purest  zeolite source for ingestion before we ever manufactured any health  products. Our purity has remained unsurpassed by any competing zeolite  supplement. Moreover, it is important to have zeolite that has been  cleaned. Since zeolite is a natural mineral, it can often have mold or  bacteria growing on it. ZEO Health puts its zeolite through a set of  special processes and tests to ensure that it has been properly cleaned  and is safe for consumption. Many zeolite companies do not bother doing  this because it is another added expense. In contrast, ZEO Health  continuously develops our processing techniques as technology improves.  It is important to reduce the particle size of zeolite through  micronization. Commercial grade zeolite, which should never be ingested,  is milled at the mine. Milling is a cheap process, wherein machines  pulverize the zeolite. This often destroys the essential cage structure  of the zeolite needed for detoxing, but it is still acceptable for use  in commercial industries. Micronizing, on the other hand, is a much more  expensive process and is done by machines that shake the zeolite  particles against each other, allowing them to fracture naturally. This  process keeps the cage structure intact and is necessary for zeolite  supplementation. Many supplement companies do not bother micronizing  their zeolite because of the costs involved. ZEO Health prides itself on  offering the best micronized zeolite supplements.

Our History with “Liquid” Zeolite

ZEO Health first revealed how a large MLM  company was scamming customers with their “liquid zeolite” starting in  2010. Below is the original statement and test results posted by Micah  Portney, President of ZEO Health. This company was eventually sued by  its distributors and customers for false claims because the amount of  zeolite they were claiming on the label couldn’t even fit into the  bottle. The amount of zeolite that was actually in the bottle was so  minuscule, it was appalling. Soon afterwards, many liquid zeolite  consumers began to understand the true nature of liquid zeolite  supplements, and converted to ZEO Health’s pure and reliable products.  Yet, many people had a hard time switching to encapsulated and powdered  zeolite, and they requested ZEO Health make a liquid product. As a  result, we manufactured Zetox,  a zeolite liquid suspension, which has the most zeolite per dose  compared to any other liquid zeolite product. Since the amount of  zeolite per dose is much smaller compared to encapsulated and powdered  products, we only recommend this product for maintaining a detox or for  convenience purposes. 


Dear Friends,

I am writing an update to my initial Liquid  Zeolite versus Powdered Zeolite letter which I originally wrote in 2007.  The reason for this update is due to the interesting change of position  of a MLM Zeolite Company, as well as some additional information that  will allow you to see the truth behind the immense amount of  manipulation of information used for marketing purposes for these  companies to sell product and make money.

Its purpose is to provide you with accurate  information without any underlying motive. It is true that I Micah  Portney started and commercialized the Zeolite supplementation industry  over 15 years ago. It is also true that I own ZEO Health Ltd who  manufactures the original Zeolite supplements with one of the only  Zeolite mines in the world which mines its Zeolite specifically for  human consumption. Please know that this letter is written to expose the  real and honest truth about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) liquid zeolite  and to show you the tremendous advantages of clean powdered ingestible  micronized zeolite! This letter is not about getting you to purchase our  products and if the information disclosed in this letter does not make  complete common sense to you go ahead and buy the MLM liquid Zeolite!  When you see the lack of results, THEN come and try our pure quality  Zeolite products that continue to come from the original and still  leading company in the ingestible zeolite supplement industry! It is our  company ZEO Health, and our company alone, that pioneered the highest  quality Zeolite supplementation products and came up with the original  and still implemented cleaning process and did all of the original  testing to make sure that our Zeolite is always effective and safe for  human consumption while always being able to respond to any concerns by  the FDA about the growing zeolite supplementation market we created.

I know that it can be very frustrating for  people who are exposed to a great volume of information to decipher the  huge amount of misinformation about Zeolite on the internet. It  frustrates me to no end that people have taken a very beneficial mineral  and products that I have created for the well-being of people and  prostituted them for their own gain with lies and manipulation.

Let me start with the change of position with the liquid MLM company:

Initial company position during launch  (approx. 2003): There is some magic or proprietary patented process  which can turn the mineral Zeolite into a liquid, while maintaining its  benefits, increasing its absorption into the body.

MLM Company Position 2010: The liquid Zeolite is actually very finely micronized powder suspended in purified water.

Why the change? Zeolite is a solid by nature.  Its health benefits are a result of its cage-like structure and its  natural occurring negative charge. That negative charge allows Zeolite  to attract positively charged metals and toxins like a magnet, trap them  in its cage-like structure and draw them out of the body. Any  manipulation of this solid (such as making it liquid), destroys the  beneficial cage-like structure and negative charge, rendering what's  left (a pool of elements) useless and possibly even dangerous.

All of the independent scientific studies  showing Zeolite beneficial were done on the micronized Zeolite powder.  (OURS!) The MLM Company knows this and has been using these studies to  promote their products since their launch. As more people learned about  the true nature of Zeolite and started to understand that the MLM's  original position on Zeolite did not make scientific sense, THE MLM'ers  then changed it to state that they have very fine micronized Zeolite  powder suspended in water. Then they made fun of the people like me who  destroyed their original position by putting out facts about what they  were saying. They don't tell you that when I wrote that original  white-paper that explains exactly how their Hydrochloric acid process at  the time actually broke down the zeolite cage.

Another reason for the change is the result  of a legal battle with the original patent owner who never claimed that  the drug he was trying to create was actually ingestible or even  effective, but let the MLM state that for a licensing fee. At the end,  the MLM was no longer legally able to claim the process in the patent,  now that they were no longer paying a license fee to use it.

Don't you find it interesting that a company  can very cleverly change their whole story on a product and their MLM  distributors never blink an eye or ask why? How is that? It is because  their business is all about making BIG money (much of it coming from  desperate sick people trying to get well!) - so who cares what the real  story is as long as they are getting paid.


What does this mean? There is no such thing  as a liquid zeolite. They are all powdered zeolite suspended in a liquid  such as water, Humic Acid, etc. In other words, there is really no  liquid versus powdered controversy because all zeolite products use  powdered zeolite.

Let's take a closer look at the multi-level marketed (MLM) liquid Zeolite Company's new claim for a moment:

Let's say that the product is actually very  finely micronized Zeolite powder. They claim that all of the particle  sizes are all below 5 microns, which means that they are absorbable into  the bloodstream. They make a huge claim about its absorbability and  that the Zeolite powder company (they are probably talking about ZEO  Health Ltd) asks you to take more of their product than what is in the  liquid.


Why? We base all of our information on facts.  How can the MLM distributors make claims that you need less without any  scientific evidence? Just because they say so? No. It is because they  need to have some excuse of why people should be paying large amounts of  money for very small (trace) amounts of zeolite put into water.

If 100 people come out of a movie theatre and  1 cab comes to pick them up to take them to their destination, it will  take that one cab a long time back and forth to accomplish its task.  However, if you have 100 cabs come to pick up 100 people, it will be  much quicker and more efficient to take the all of the people to their  destination. This is common sense. Thinking about it in these terms will  let you see that what they are saying does not make any sense. The cage  of a zeolite is only so big and will only take so much to fill it.  Somehow they want you to believe that their zeolite is magic and breaks  the law of physics.

Scientific Studies: The liquid MLM says that they have a scientific study on their product.  Is this true?

Answer: Yes and no. All of the reputable  published scientific studies are independent from the company which is  selling the products. You will notice in the scientific study that they  have released that the acknowledgment section states that the study was  conducted by people who have a stake in the success of the product. The  researchers are the manufacturer, the person who sells it to the MLM  company and a consultant that they hired to ensure the results come out  in their favor. However, the game that they play is to release a  synopsis or summary of the study to the public and their MLM  distributors without the complete study which includes the  acknowledgment section showing a blatant conflict of interest in the  study. Therefore, only independent published studies, which have no  affiliation to the manufacturer or company selling the product, are  recommended when contemplating the use of a product.

PRICING: Why are the MLM liquid products so expensive?

Answer: MLM companies make a really big mark  up on their products in order for everyone involved to take a piece of  the profit as commissions (the top distributor makes money on the  distributor below him and the next below him, and the next below him,  etc.). They state it is because of their complex process for cleaning  it. I know for a fact that the MLM company pays approximately $5 per  bottle from the manufacturer. That is after the manufacturer adds a  markup. The MLM charges you $58 per tiny 15ml bottle. There is no  relationship here between the high price and the quality of MLM  products. There is also no relationship between the cost of the product  and its effectiveness.

DOSING: How much Zeolite am I getting in the liquid products and what is the recommended daily amounts that I should be taking?

FACT: The dosage of Zeolite used in the  scientific studies showing it beneficial for detox, immune boosting,  etc. used a dose of between 4,000 mg to 15,000 mg per day.

Our product Destroxin has 800mg of Zeolite per capsule. Our ZEOLITE PURE product has 5,000 mg of Zeolite per tablespoon!

The liquid MLM company claims that they have  24 mg per dose and 100 doses per bottle. That should be 24 x 100 or 2400  mg of Zeolite per 15ml liquid bottle. We evaporated the liquid MLM  bottle and found 160mg per bottle of powder. That means you are only  getting 1.6 mg Zeolite per dose, not 24 mg. You would have to drink at  least 25 bottles per day of their liquid zeolite suspensions to even get  the minimum beneficial dose of Zeolite. With liquid products, you  obviously are not getting much actual Zeolite!

We also sent the liquid Zeolite to an  independent mineral testing lab that analyzes the purity level of the  Zeolite to confirm our findings. The lab tests both purity, as well as  the complete breakdown of elements and heavy metals that make up the  liquid Zeolite. A copy of an email I wrote explaining the results and  the results directly from the lab itself is at the end of this document.  The bottles that we sent were with the labels peeled off so we did not  have them put the name of the product on the document so the MLM company  could not sue us for publishing the results. The bottles themselves  still had the seals from the manufacture on the neckbands and were  unopened.

SAFETY: Are liquid Zeolites safe to take?

FACT: Probably, they are only very small  (trace) amounts of zeolite suspended in water. As long as no microbial  or bacterial growth has grown in the water (which is a risk when you are  only using water in the product), then it should be ok. Why you would  want to pay a lot of money for very small amount of a 67% pure zeolite  dropped into some water is beyond me but every makes their own decisions  in life.

Heavy Metals: The liquid companies said that the powder has heavy metals in it and that the liquid is clean.

FACT: This is one of my favorite twists that  the Multilevel marketing (MLM) teams came up with. I have to appreciate  the creativity.

When you review the independent test lab reports, you will see conclusive proof that their Zeolite contains heavy metals.

Multiple Zeolite Liquid Products:  There is a product on the market claiming the power of multiple  Zeolites, what is that all about?

Unlike the original liquid zeolites which all  use Clinoptilolite, the manufacturer who makes the water based MLM  liquid Zeolite, and also one of the original unethical businessmen that I  have spoken about, decided to manufacture a liquid product with  multiple zeolites.

First, I will tell you that Zeolite is the  name of a family of minerals. There are over 60 different types. Some  are very fibrous and at least two are toxic to humans. One of the toxic  ones is called Erionite. It has a similar effect to that of asbestos.  There are only two zeolites which have been shown safe and beneficial to  humans in scientific studies. The first is Clinoptilolite which is the  one that I pioneered the industry with and is in almost all Zeolite  supplements on the market. The second is Mordenite. The reason why I did  not use Mordenite is because it has a sharp molecular structure and I  believed that it would have negative long term effects on the digestive  tract because it was sharp.

The unethical mad scientist who makes the  liquid MLM product is now manufacturing a multiple Zeolite product using  another Zeolite called Chabazite. The problem here is that most of the  Chabazite mines in the world also find Erionite with the Chabazite which  is very dangerous to mine something for human consumption where there  is also something toxic to humans. There is no evidence even that  Chabazite has any benefits to humans and there have been no tests for  safety. The whole reason behind putting it in the product is as a  marketing gimmick to make people believe there is something special  about it. Well there is something special. AND potentially dangerous as  well. I am not sure if this person believes that he doesn’t have to  worry about safety because there is such a small amount in the product,  or if he just doesn't care about anything but money. The bottom line is  that there are no additional health benefits that these unethical  marketers are claiming for this product. There is a potential dangerous  health risk, and you're not getting enough Clinoptilolite to be  beneficial. STAY AWAY FROM ALL MULTIPLE ZEOLITE PRODUCTS!! The real  scary thing here is that there are copy cats in the industry and we have  already had calls for people looking to manufacture using Chabazite,  figuring this first guy did his homework. In fact, that couldn't be  farther from the truth!

SUMMARY: Don’t let these manipulative MLM's  fool you with scare tactics and the warping of facts so they can make  millions of dollars selling products with limited efficacy using the  name of a very beneficial mineral. Don't fall for buzz words like  bio-available or cellular. Micronized Zeolite is bio-available and  reaches the cells by nature's design as long as the zeolite has been  micronized. Trust a Zeolite company who uses the actual form of Zeolite  used in the scientific studies and the published protocols and doses for  using it. We are the ORIGINAL zeolite supplement company who has been  manufacturing real beneficial and safe Zeolite supplements since the  1990's.

I am sure that all of these liquid companies  will be angry that I wrote this letter blowing up their marking hype and  lies. However, I knew that it was time that I took a stand and cleared  away the smoke and mirrors and marketing manipulation of facts  surrounding these so called liquid Zeolites.



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