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Elderberry, Sambuscus Nigra, Herbal Tincture

Elderberry, Sambuscus Nigra, Herbal Tincture

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Elderberry, Sambuscus Nigra, Herbal Tincture

Elderberry has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, particularly around Greece, Scandinavia, Portugal, and Morocco. It’s one of the most common medicinal plants in the world and has been used in folk medicine to treat fever and rheumatism, sciatica, infections, and more. Today, elderberry supplements are mainly used to treat cold and flu symptoms.

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High in Vitamin C

A cup of elderberry provides 52.2 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, which supports immune health, prevents illness, and even aids in muscle recovery.

High Antioxidant Power

Freshly pressed elderberry juice is high in antioxidant compounds like protocatechuic and chlorogenic acid, and various phytonutrients (nutrients found in plants) like the flavonoids quercetin and rutin.

Promotes Heart Health

Elderberry is rich in antioxidants, which can help lower inflammation as well as cholesterol and blood pressure. “Elderberry's phytonutrients and fiber content helps to lower the amount of cholesterol circulating [in your blood] by binding to [the cholesterol] and expelling it from the body.

Lowers Inflammation and Stress

The inflammation-fighting properties of elderberries may help reduce stress and improve your well-being and mood. “Polyphenol flavonoids may reduce inflammation in the brain and support gut health, both of which can positively impact mental health,

Boosts Your Immune System

Consuming elderberries may help you recover from respiratory illnesses faster.6 “Elderberry intake may reduce the duration of the common cold, as well as upper respiratory infections and influenza

Good for Respiratory and Lung Health

“While studies have yet to show a direct connection between elderberry and chronic lung conditions, elderberry does contain quercetin, which is a flavonoid and antioxidant that’s known to support lung function, especially in those who suffer from asthma and chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Good for Blood Sugar Management 

Elderberry may help people with diabetes control their blood sugar.8 “The phytonutrients and polyphenols in elderberry help the body to process glucose more efficiently, which makes elderberry a useful aid for managing glucose and keeping it in balance

Eases a Sore Throat and Cough

Research found that elderberry shortened the duration and severity of colds and influenza, as well as respiratory infection symptoms when consumed in lozenge or extract form.9 Benefits were most prevalent when participants had taken elderberry within 48 hours of developing symptoms.

Also May help reduce symptoms in cases of Epilepsy, HIV and AIDS as well as lung infections.