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KIDNEY STONE BLASTER, Herbal Tincture, Kidney Support, Herbal Remedy

KIDNEY STONE BLASTER, Herbal Tincture, Kidney Support, Herbal Remedy

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Kidney Stone Blaster, Kidney Support, Herbal Remedy

Our Kidney Stone Blaster herbal formula is combined with the top known and lab tested organic herbs that may help aid in dissolving and removing Kidney Stones, while lessening the pain and inflammation they cause.

Kidney stones happen when your urine has a high concentration of minerals and other substances; calcium buildup, oxalate and uric acid that come together to make crystals. These Crystals stick together to create one or more stones. Stones happen when your urine doesn't have enough fluid and other substances to keep then from happening.

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Uric Acid is created by the ammonia excretions of parasitical overload in the body. Eliminating parasites with our parasite detox PROTOCOL ONE will help eliminate any future chance of forming stones in your kidneys.

We have selectively wild-crafted the main ingredient in this very effective formula, Pipsissewa. Pipsissewa has natural diuretic properties, which is why it is used to treat urinary and kidney problems. This includes healing urinary tract infections, passing kidney stones and alleviating urinary pain. Pipsissewa also has natural anti-inflammatory benefits, supporting overall kidney function.

Organic Ingredients: Pipsissewa, Uva Ursi, Licorice root, Horsetail Arvense, Yarrow, St. Johnswort, Nettle, Plantain, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, organic grain alcohol

Product Size: 2 oz Dropper Bottle

Servings Per Container: 60

Serving Size: 1 dropperfull

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 dropperfulls, 2x-3x daily with 8 oz of water until bottle is gone.

**It is highly recommended to also take our Pure Zeolite powder with this herbal remedy to help eliminate debri in the kidneys and help support and nourish the kidneys. For signs of Kidney Stones and UTI's. Best used with PROTOCOL ONE to eliminate the underlying cause to help prevent future infections.

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