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Maidens Tears, Silene Vulgaris, Herbal Tincture, Herbal Extract

Maidens Tears, Silene Vulgaris, Herbal Tincture, Herbal Extract

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Maidens Tears, Silene Vulgaris, Herbal Tincture, Herbal Extract

Ethnobotanical evidence indicates that several Silene species have been used for medicinal purposes and are consumed as food in Anatolia, Turkey, (Table 1) and Italy (Boğa, 2017, Toroglu et al., 2013). Notably, tender leaves of Silene vulgaris are consumed fried with olive oil and eggs in Italy (Laghetti & Perrino, 1994). In Corsica, S. vulgaris is preferred in soup in combination with other wild herbs (Rivera et al., 2007). This species have also been used for the management of bronchitis and asthma (Chandra & Rawat, 2015). In Spain, S. vulgaris is commonly known as ‘bladder campion’ and is reported to be a rich source of bioactive compounds such as lutein and β-carotene (Sánchez-Mata et al., 2012, Vardavas et al., 2006) with antioxidant properties (Consortium, 2005, Morales et al., 2012).


Currently, there is a dearth of scientific information on the potential therapeutic capacities of wild Silene species in the management of non-communicable (diabetes mellitus type II, Alzheimer's disease, and epidermal hyperpigmentation events) and communicable (microbial complications) diseases. The inhibitory activity of the selected Silene species against acetyl cholinesterase, butyryl cholinesterase, tyrosinase, α-amylase, and α-glucosidase were determined in vitro. The antimicrobial effect against eight bacteria and eight fungi were also assessed. Finally, the antioxidant/reducing/chelating/radical scavenging potentials of the plant species were also studied using standard bio-assays.


The anti-enzymatic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant potential of Silene species was shown in this study. It was concluded that the selected Silene species could serve as prospective material for the development of novel plant-based functional foods. p-Coumaric acid, previously reported to show antimicrobial and anti-enzymatic effect was identified in S. Vulgris.

Servings per 2 0z Bottle: 60
Serving Size: 30 drops
Sggested Use: Take 30 drops, 2x daily, under tongue or with any liquid. (preferrably with distilled water)-(must be taken with any Detox Protocol from Gods Herbs Heal to counteract die off symptoms)

Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and diseases. Seek the advisement of a qualified physician if you are concerned about any interactions with other medications or health issues with the use of this product. We are not responsible for individual use of this product. 

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