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Organic Heirloom Plants

V-TOX, Herbal Tincture, DNA, Cellular Support, Heavy Metals Removal

V-TOX, Herbal Tincture, DNA, Cellular Support, Heavy Metals Removal

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V-TOX, Herbal Tincture, DNA, Cellular Support-Heavy Metals Removal

V-TOX-DNA-Herbal Tincture- and Cellular Support-Dietary Herbal Supplement

Our V-TOX Herbal Dietary Supplement may help to support and balance your body on a Cellular Level. Helps aide in nourishing and protecting your bodies natural defense mechanisms against environmental pollutants in every day life as well has helps to de-calcify the pineal gland. Science proves that environmental pollutants effects our neurological system, major organs and many times, contaminates our bloodstream---from the foods we eat to environmental pollutants .


Our dietary herbal supplement may help aide in gently detoxifying our bodies through balancing our DNA and cellular structure with nourishing herbs consisting of the top herbs that permeate through the blood brain barrier, removing metals from the brain and whole body. A periodic detox is necessary to help our body function properly for good health and well being.

Servings: 60

Serving size: 2 Dropperfulls

Container Size: 2 oz Dropper Bottle

Organic Ingreds:

Pine Needle Tips, Lichen Usnea, Lions Mane, Cats Claw, Angelica Root, Fennel, Poppy Seeds

Suggested Uses:

2 Dropperfulls in morning and 1 dropperful in evening until gone, under tongue or in juice. Reduce to 1 dropperful in morning and evening after 2 weeks. Drink 8 oz of water with each dose.Gently detoxing. Continue use if symptoms persist. Repeat if necessary. Our Pure Zeolite Powder and Herbal IvermecTWIN MUST be taken with this supplement to avoid tremendous detoxing symptoms . Not recommended for pregnant or nursing Woman or children.


Matt k-WI

"I feel more energetic and not so sluggish and it is taking all crap (vaccines) out of my system feeling like I'm normal again thanks again for a great product!!!"

Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and diseases. Seek the advisement of a qualified physician if you are concerned about any interactions with other medications or health issues with the use of this product. We are not responsible for individual use of this product. 





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